How Do I Find That Motivation ?

YOU: “But it was only a little bit?”
ME: “Ok ok ok!! but……”
I hear this almost single everyday! Clients, friends, family or even just random strangers, they say…”I am eating everything on my meal plan but I just don’t feel like I’m losing the weight I hoped for”!
Now the big thing to take from that? The weight I ‘HOPED’ for!
So clients are not losing the weight they would like to, even when they feel like they are killing themselves in the gym and eating right!
So then the truth comes…. I start asking questions. Have you been eating your exact marcos? They say “yeah pretty much”… PRETTY MUCH! What does pretty much mean? What have you been doing?
Clients start to get into it now …. “well I had a few chips with dinner the other night!” “And maybe last Wednesday I had a wine or 2, um oh yeah then we went to the movies and I had a bit of popcorn!”
Ok so let’s get this right!
In between our weigh in last week to now you have eaten your meal plan… plus chips, wine & popcorn?
So your eating junk roughly every second day??
Let’s put it like this! When trying to drop body fat it goes like this, calories in vs calories out. What that means is that if you are on a meal plan that is 300 calories below your maintenance to burn fat (you know by now that you need to burn more cals than you eat right?) your macros are very important!
So you eat 2000 calories per day to drop fat, but then you add maybe 110 calories of chips, (I’m being very generous), 150 calories pop corn and then 190 calories of wine? So you are not even in a calorie deficit now!!
That 300 calories you are below in your meal plan for fat loss is back up to either a maintenance or weight gain meal plan!
So can you see how the small treats add up over the week?

Picking at little treats or even healthy treats – is that the right answer?? Everything you eat matters, yes you might still be dropping that 0.5kg per week but that could easily have be 1kg !! Literally twice as fast.